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Creative Crybaby

Mini Shrimp and Veggie Resin Jello

Mini Shrimp and Veggie Resin Jello

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Enter the colorful world of vintage treats! This delightful faux jello captures the essence of retro charm, offering a playful twist on a beloved classic.

Hand crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this piece has handmade clay peas and carrots in clear green resin with an opaque white base. Its then all topped off with a faux mayo swirl and shrimp!

Despite its lifelike appearance, this faux jello is entirely inedible and is made from resin, plastic, and clay.

All sales are final. Every piece is handmade and may have small imperfections. Listing is for one jello.

Approximentely 3"h x 2.25"w

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